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Maximum Storage Starter - 27 Bottles

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This model is the perfect compact wine rack for the wall. It's small but mighty, with capacity for 27 wine bottles, thanks to the triple depth bottle feature. The label forward design eliminates the hassle of searching through rows of wines, ensuring you find the perfect bottle with ease, every time.


  • 92cm H x 34cm W x 31cm D
  • 9 bottles tall, total capacity of 27 bottles
  • Matte Black

Like all VintageView racks, this is forged of quality steel, and backed by a lifetime warranty. As a result, this rack is the best in label forward wine storage available in the NZ market. It's a stylish alternative to bulky wooden wine storage cubes or other DIY wine rack options. Importantly, there's also the added bonus of easy installation.  

What are the best wine racks for a cellar?

This modern wine rack is the preferred choice when putting together a wine cellar. Because each prong can store three bottles, it makes it ideal for grouping the same vintages together. Each wine rack comes with couplers allowing easy and seamless stacking of multiple products. It's the ideal building block for creating a wine cellar. 

Wall mounted wine racks maximise the efficient use of space, particulary in smaller areas. As a result, by utilising vertical wall space you can store and display with your wines without occupying valuable floor space. This product works well as a stand along piece, holding more than two dozen bottles in a small space.

Interested in something that stores a little less? We'd suggest you take a look at the Double Dozen Rack here.

Maximum Storage Wine Rack | 27 Bottles Rack | Wine Racks NZ

Maximum Storage Starter - 27 Bottles