We are proud to sell the best wine racks in the world from VintageView. These quality wall mounted wine racks, with their unique label forward design, store your wine in the optimal way to support it and show it off.

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Wine On The Side racks are easy to install, even if you are not a DIY person. All you need is a tape measure, a level and a Phillips screwdriver. If you are still not confident in putting up the racks, let us know and we can find someone to do it for you.

Our Wall mounted racks can go onto any sort of wall - even straight gib/plasterboard. You do not have to have a stud behind the wall to attach these racks. Even our biggest rack - 36 bottles - when full is holding wine that is less than 30kgs. The fasteners that are supplied with the racks for gib and timber walls are rated to hold more than 40kgs - and there are 6 of them per rack. You will need to purchase fasteners for a brick/block/concrete wall. For detailed instructions please click one of the buttons above.

Storing Wine

Wine needs to be stored on its side in order to mature as it should. Wine should never be stored in a box. While there may be a difference between the serving temperature of red vs while wine, there is no difference in the optimal storage temperature which is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celsius. For best results stored wine requires a relatively constant temperature. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs and also vibration.

The Vintage View Story

Learn more about the progression of Vintage View as the world-wide leader in contemporary wine storage  through interviews with founder Douglas McCain and CEO Charles Malek in the video below.