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We sell quality Wall Mounted Wine Racks with unique label forward design from VintageView. Beware of cheap imitations!

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Be proud of your wine

Put your wine on display at your place

Best wine racks in the world!

Unique label forward design - Find your Wine, Display your Wine

Who we are...

Wine on the Side wine racks are known internationally as Vintage View and have been sold in New Zealand since 2006. The system was designed in the USA and is manufactured to the highest specification. Be aware of cheap imitations.

With every other wine rack what you see is the cap/cork end of the bottle so finding the bottle you want and knowing what wine you have is difficult. Our racks display the bottle "on the side" so you can see the label and find the bottle you want. 

These wine racks attach easily to any wall - gib, timber, brick or concrete block leaving the floor space underneath free (no wall reinforcing or timber stud is required).They come with fastenings for gib and timber. They can also attach to a metal frame that is fixed to the floor and ceiling, or we have a free standing rack called Evolution.

Be proud of your wine.

Vintage View wine racks store the collections of wine enthusiasts all over the world. From cellars of thousands of bottles belonging to the upper echelons of Cantina Sociale, all the way to your home kitchen. 

Our wine racks are made using the best quality, high tensile steel and world class craftsmanship. They come with a Lifetime warranty.

This is a prime example of our 12 bottle racks arranged floor to ceiling.

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Store your wine correctly

The Vintage View patented design ensures your wine is stored perfectly. Wine should never be stored in a box. The separate and different neck and base strips of the rack hold the bottle at the best angle so that if you have bottles with a cork, the cork is kept wet and the wine can age optimally. Capped wines also age best when stored this way. The racks hold the bottles safely, helping protect against knocking or even earthquake. The bottles are spaced to allow optimal air movement all around each bottle.

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See what our customers have designed using our product range

Here is what others have to say...

They look great, I am really thrilled. The great aspect is its efficiency of space with a dynamic "touch me" feel for customers. My customers are amazed at the range of wine we have as they can now see the labels. I will only use this kind of storage in future for all our restaurants and consultancies!!

Kent Baddeley, Parehua Lodge

You supplied us with your wine rack system when we built our new home about 3 years ago. We live in Christchurch and as everyone knows, we have experienced one of the worst natural disasters imaginable, not just once, but 4 times including over 10,000 aftershocks. This is an acknowledgement of your system as first class. I'm proud to advise you that in all this time and with all these earthquakes we have not lost a single bottle. This is an amazing testament to using your system and we are so glad we chose your product over all others. If we ever built again we would use your product.

Bruce & Deb Harvey, Christchurch

I was given several sets of the Wine on the Side racks for Christmas - the perfect present for me. I installed them easily myself in my garage. They work perfectly and really show off my wine selection to great effect. If only I could keep them full!

Peter, Glendowie, Auckland