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Home Bar Wine + Stemware Rack Combo

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Home bar combo deal! Consists of two wall mounted wine racks and two of our popular Stemware Racks.

Choose the best capacity combo kit to suit your needs:

  • Single Depth - 18 bottle capacity
  • Double Depth - 36 bottle capacity
  • Triple Depth - 54 bottle capacity

Each configuration includes two of our ever popular Stemware racks that will hold up to 15 wine glasses.  Ideal for the home bar / small wine cellar area.

Wine racks are a fantastic addition to any home or office bar set up. Firstly, these racks offer a stylish and organised way to display and store wine bottles. They also save valuable bar space, allowing for more efficient storage. Additionally, having a well organised wine selection in your home bar, with easy access to different wines, will help up your hosting game. 

Our popular stemware racks round out this offer, providing a stylish storage solution for wine glasses. The pair of racks facilitate easy access to the stemware, making it convenient to grab and use wine glasses whenever needed.

In summary; this home bar combo of stemware and wine racks has both practical and aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent addition for wine and cocktail enthusiasts alike. 

Note: stemware rack for wine glasses is triple depth across all options.


Home Bar Wine + Stemware Rack Combo