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Floor To Ceiling Frame

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Floating wine rack frame

Introducing the perfect product to create a floating wine rack display. By attaching securely to both floor and ceiling surfaces, this frame provides a solid foundation for building any wine racking layout. 

The frame creates a contemporary look and eliminates the need for traditional wall mounting. It allows the wall behind to shine through, be it textured, tiled or another feature. The modern setup adds an element of sophistication to any space and showcases the wine bottles in our contemporary label forward style.


  • Up to 3.05m H x 22cm W x 7cm D
  • Matte Black
  • Add wine racks to suit desired bottle capacity


Off-the-wall mounting offers a versatile solution for various design purposes. For example, when building room dividers and creating wine features or displays. The frame is ideal when installing wine racks in front of glass, tile or other materials that make wall mounted racks challenging.

Moreover, a freestanding floor to ceiling frame allows for the use of lighting behind the product to add to the aesthetics of the space.

Floating wine wall

The floating wine rack frame is truly a unique product, not found anywhere else in the NZ market. Manufactured by leading brand VintageView and backed by a lifetime warranty. It offers a modern way to install a freestanding wine rack or display.

Popular in wine cellar installations, the frame creates a bold statement. Not only that, it's extremely practical, providing a sturdy surface to mount any sized rack to.  

Installation is simple

It comes in two sections, and therefore is best cut to size on site. The frame can be installed into a space as high as 3 meters.  Use the supplied couplers to attached the two pieces together. Single, double or triple depth wine racks can be installed on either one or both sides of the frame.

Finally, for additional support with single sided installations, a FCF backing bar will be required. 

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Floating wine frame with wine racks one side only

Floor To Ceiling Frame