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Helix Single x 1

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Helix is the most minimal way to store wine bottles. The Helix Single x 1 is an innovative one bottle wine rack that can hold bottles of all sizes. Stash away any standard, Champagne, magnum or spirit bottle on this wall. The superior design of VintageView’s wall-mounted wine rack offers maximum strength and efficiency, with elegant curves to add additional visual interest.


  • H 13cm x D 8.5cm x W 33cm
  • Single bottle capacity
  • Matte Black

Modernising the classic riddling rack wine storage style, the Helix Series features elegant wine rack options that hold wine bottles by the neck to create the most minimalist wine storage available on the wall.

Look no further for a wine rack that gives the look of a bottle floating on air. This model has the bottle stacked to the left side. Need more? Check out the Helix 3

Helix single bottle wine rack

Helix Single x 1