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Helix Dual x 2

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The Helix Dual x 2 is an innovative two bottle wine rack that holds bottles as if floating on air. It can take standards as well as larger based bottles like Champagne, holding them in two unique directions. The superior design with elegant curves adds visual interest to any space.

Dimensions and specs:

  • H 13.5 cm x D 13.5 cm x W 53.5 cm
  • Capacity for two bottles
  • Finish is Matte Black

The Helix style holds bottles by the neck to create the most minimalist wine storage available on the wall. This design is a modern take on the classic riddling wine rack.

The Helix wine rack features a helical shaped structure that securely holds the wine bottles by their neck in a horizontal positional. Like all VintageView racks, it is designed to showcase your wine collection label forward while providing easy access to each bottle.

This dual model has the bottles stacked to both to the left and right sides, thanks to the double depth feature. See the other Helix racks here


Helix Dual x 2