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Stemware Rack for Wine Glasses

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The Stemware Rack is for wine glasses and sits nicely above or below a column of wine bottles. Moreover, it can be extended modularly, to fit the needs of your wine display.  One hanging wine glass rack enables the storage of six large wine glasses safely and easily in the two channels.


  • 33cm wide, 32cm deep
  • Capacity for six wine glasses
  • Matte Black finish

It is the most elegant way to incorporate wine glass storage into a display. This accent piece integrates seamlessly with the vertical wall mounted wine racks. Designed to match the same width of a standard column of bottle storage, therefore the stemware rack will fit perfectly above or below. 

A stemware rack for wine glasses offers a secure and organised storage solution for delicate stemware. This rack maximised space by hanging wine glasses upside down, freeing up shelf or cabinet space. Moreover, the wine glass holder adds an elegant touch to any bar or kitchen. In other words, it's an excellent addition for any wine enthusiast. 

Best sold in pairs. Top tip - double up and install two side by side thus creating an additional channel for an extra row of glasses, genius! With a simple wall mounted installation, and a clean look, it's a welcome addition in any space.

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Stemware Rack for Wine Glasses