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Wine Cellar FAQs: Will this wine rack fit my space?

by Anita Hanna |

Will this wine rack fit my space? With so many choices, we're sure we can find a solution for nearly all areas, whatever their size or shape.

Our classic style Wall Mounted Racks are available in three depths - single, double or triple. This means the wine bottle storage capacity be tripled in an instant, but not take up any more space. In our range there is also the option to choose racks that are either nine or 12 bottles high. Similarly, should something more compact be needed these racks can be cut down to size to suit.

All of our racks are designed to be modular, and easily combine across the range. Therefore, with a mix-and-match approach it’s easy to fill all the available space in a stylish and practical display.

With the Vino Pins, you can fill the available space and are only limited by your imagination. The perfect single bottle wine rack, these wine pegs can slot into small gaps, and up to whole wall displays.

Still wondering will this wine rack fit? We are happy to assist in deciding which racks may best suit your space, if you have some ideas we offer CAD drawings to help visualise your project – please feel free to get in touch.

Read more about where our racks can be installed, including straight into plasterboard - blog post on this here.