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Wine Cellar FAQs: Can wine racks be installed into plasterboard?

by Anita Hanna |

When diving into the most elite wine collections, it is not surprising to find great vintages of Chateau Petrus, Penfolds Grange, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, and other rare finds that can be worth thousands of dollars or more per bottle. Many wine collectors get a little timid about storing such value on a wall mounted wine rack installed into plasterboard.

Regardless of the value of collection, we get some variant of this question often: Can I really store wine safely in a wall mounted wine rack?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

Here's what you need to know about our supplied hardware:

A bottle of wine typically weighs about 1.2kg when full. A section of wall racking might hold 36 bottles in max capacity setting. That's around 50kgs with a rack. 

A single toggle bolt style drywall/plasterboard anchor we supply is often rated for 22kgs or more — and most racking systems will require six mounting points. The math bears out that the hardware can cover three times that weight. 

Here's what you need to know about VintageView racks:

Our hallmark W Series and Evolution Wine Wall products use hardware that exceeds any weight that would be held on it. The racks are designed to rely on sheer weight — basically dispersing the pressure across the entire column — to make it even more secure. 

The Vino Series peg system uses our proprietary anchor system that essentially pinches the plasterboard between a butterfly anchor — rated well above the max 4.5 kg it would hold — and the Vino Series Collar. In rigorous testing, our Vino Pin products, even in the three-bottle-depth configuration, more than doubled the weight capacity it could ever hold. On the single-deep Pins, you can practically do a pull up on them! 

So there's no reason for plywood backing, right?

Not exactly. There are two reasons we'd recommend putting a backer board of some kind up in full wine cellar construction:

  1. No matter how well you explain the strength of our anchors to the owner of a $1,000 bottle, there will be apprehension about it.
  2. For larger projects, it is generally a much easier and faster install using wood screws over plasterboard/drywall anchors.

For smaller spaces or other projects going up over finished plasterboard though, use our systems without pause, though!  

Wondering if your cellar needs to be temperature controlled? Read more on that here.

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(orginal content from VintageView blog, read more here)


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Where is the best place for a wine rack? 
The best place to store a wine rack it out of direct sunlight and somewhere there is a consistent temperature.