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Local importer goes for label-forward racking

by Anita Hanna |

Wine cellar for Oulala French Delicacy

We were thrilled with the fantastic results Oulala French Delicacy achieved in their unique wine cellar space. It was designed specifically for their imported wine collection, so ensuring each and every bottle remained free from label damage was key. The end result was a space that not only met their storage needs but also showcased their bottles in a stunning manner.

Label forward wine racking system

Firstly, one of the standout features of this wine cellar is the label-forward racking system installed. All of the bottles are positioned with the labels facing outward on our classic style wine racks. This not only enhanced the overall look but also addressed a significant concern for Oulala—preventing label damage. This design choice ensures that each label remain intact, avoiding any potential loss in value or visual appeal.

Secondly, to maximise space and meet the desired storage capacity, Oulala utilised double depth racking on the side walls. This approach effectively doubles the storage capacity of the wine cellar. It also allows for a larger stock holding while providing an organised and accessible layout. The incorporation of the double depth racking ensures that Oulala can comfortably accommodate their extensive selection of wines within the limited cellar space.

In addition to the functional aspects, Oulala also created a captivating display area by installing a presentation rack on the back wall of the wine cellar. This is used to showcase the most beautiful and noteworthy bottles in their collection. It also allows Oulala to highlight their finest wines.

Overall, the creation of this wine cellar space for Oulala French Delicacy has been a resounding success. By combining practical storage solutions, label protection, and a visually stunning presentation rack, they have delivered a wine cellar that ticks many boxes.

Achieve this look

Double depth racking on the side walls helped meet the required storage capacity. A presentation rack on the back wall holds those beautiful display bottles. 

Oulala French Cellar space