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Wine cellar for maximum storage AND impact

by Anita Hanna |

Basement wine cellar design

The homeowners of this basement wine cellar have achieved both maximum impact and maximum storage in their recently renovated space. They have truly excelled in creating a space that not only maximises storage capacity, but also delivers a stunning visual impact.

The clever use of our triple depth wall mounted racks allows for an abundance of storage. It also ensures that their wine collection is well organised and easily accessible. Additionally, the inclusion of a row of presentation racks adds a touch of elegance. This allows the homeowners to proudly showcase their finest bottles, creating a focal point within the cellar.

The placement of magnum sized racks on the far wall demonstrates the versatility of the VintageView range to accommodate large bottle sizes within the same style.

The end result is a basement wine cellar that looks great and has impressive capacity, while storing a variety of wines.

Why a wine cellar?

When renovating, or starting out on a new build, the inclusion of a wine cellar is highly advantageous for several reasons. Firstly, it provides optimal storage conditions which are crucial for preserving the quality and flavour of wine over time. Secondly, a wine cellar offers a devoted space to house your growing collection. A well designed wine cellar adds sophistication and class to a home, creating a space to showcase and enjoy wines. It's a feature not often found in most homes, so from a resale point of view, can help to set your place apart. Overall, a wine cellar has many benefits. It's convenient, ensures proper storage, and elevates the wine experience, making it a valuable asset for wine lovers.

Achieve this style

Achieve this look using our triple depth wall mount racks. Add in a row or two of presentation racks to put your best bottles on display. On the far wall you can see the magnum/champagne sized vertical racks being put to good use.