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Wine Cellar FAQ's: Does a cellar need to be temperature controlled?

by Anita Hanna |

Should you only store wine in a cool, dark place? And does a cellar need to be temperature controlled? The short answer is no — but it’s complicated.

First off, let's talk about why room temperature is just fine for storing wine. Room temperature (or passive) storage is one of the most common and affordable options available. Why? Because it does not require any adjustments to the rooms conditions.

Examples of passive cellars are often found in areas that are organically colder and naturally lack direct sunlight. Think spaces such as basements, wardrobes, and other window-less rooms. Passive cellars are a great option for the more casual drinker who isn’t storing hundreds of bottles of wine at a time. They also work well for those who are drinking their collection within a faster turn around time. Similarly, they are just fine for your everyday wines. 

However, what if you're finding yourself needing more storage for your bottles, or perhaps the value of your collection is increasing? Then it might be time to consider a temperature controlled wine cellar.

Opting for a climate controlled space is definitely an investment, it's upwards of thousands of dollars - and yes, we have some local recommendations. This type of storage is particularly suitable for those who are planning on aging their wines for an extended period of time. Why? Because a temperature controlled wine cellar allows the wine to age at a consistent rate and preserves its quality for years to come.

Time for some Inspiration?

See some examples of both passive and temperature controlled wine cellars created using our racks in The Inspiration Gallery.

Wondering if our racks will fit your space? We have size options to suit all spaces, from single bottle storage through to large cellar spaced. You can read more about that here.

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