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Wine glass rack and wine rack combo kit

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This wine glass rack with wine rack combo kit has the essentials covered when it comes to storing wine label forward, and creating a space for your wine glasses too.

Simply take your pick of the best capacity combination to suit your needs:

1. Single/Double: capacity for 27 wine bottles, and storage of 6 wine glasses


2. Double/Triple: capacity for 45 bottles, and 6 wine glasses

Both options have a compact vertical footprint, each one will occupy just 0.33 metres of wall space, and 2.1 metres in height.

A stemware rack offers a secure and organised storage solution for delicate stemware, preventing damage and ensuring longevity. Maximise space by hanging your glasses upside down, freeing up shelf or cabinet space.

Our innovative label forward wall mounted wine racks are both modern and practical.  This wine glass rack and wine rack combo kit can serve as a decorating piece while showcasing your assortment of wines.

Overall, this modern kit combines practicality, space-saving capabilities, making it a valuable accessory for any wine lover.

Need something bigger? Check out our Wine Wall Kit here.

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Wine glass rack and wine rack combo kit