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The Presentation Rack - 9 Bottles

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Put your favourite wine bottles on display with this Presentation Wine Rack. It's a rack with a difference as it showcases the bottles on an angle. You'll feel like you have a somm holding out your special bottles. 


  • 11cm H x 100cm W x 34cm D
  • 9 bottles wide
  • Matte Black 

Commonly installed as a centre piece in a wine cellar, the Presentation Wine Rack creates a stunning wine display. Additionally, the rack can connect into three columns of wine racks underneath to build the ultimate wine wall. The supporting arms on the horizontal display wine rack are the exact distance apart to fit into the top of three rows of our wall mounted wine racks.

All the required hardware is supplied for you making installation simple. This Presentation Wine Rack can be mounted on any surface, including directly into gib without needing a stud.

If you're looking for complimentary product, the vertical racks like this Triple Depth - 27 Bottles work well when installed together.

9 Bottle Wine Rack From Wine on the Side

The Presentation Rack - 9 Bottles