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Vino Pin Metal Wine Peg (single bottle, premium)

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A stylish wine rack for an individual bottle. These pins can be used in many ways to create an amazing feature regardless the size of the space. Racks can be extended to take 2 or 3 bottles deep (see here)

These are able to be mounted directly onto the wall whether it be plasterboard, wood or masonry with no backing board required. 

Installation is simple, each set of pins comes with a paper template to show you exactly where to make the holes on the wall for each pin, and all required hardware is supplied.

This premium colour in stock is Golden Bronze, however the Vino Pins are also available in Gunmetal Grey, but please allow approx 3 to 4 weeks delivery for these. For our standard colour of Milled Aluminium, please see here

Single Wine Peg | Vino Pin Metal | Wine Racks NZ

Vino Pin Metal Wine Peg (single bottle, premium)